​To scale AI globally requires a one-stop shop that supports a wide range of AI projects from the initial idea, through validation, testing and piloting, to implementation in concrete products and services as well as company building expertise. ​​

Solving industrial challenges through targeted lighthouse projects is our main task. The crucial factors for achieving this goal are the awareness of customer needs, domain expertise, cutting-edge technologies & methods, hands-on trainings and a strong seeker & solver community.

We do

Project Implementation
​Live Application Hubs

Project Implementation

  • AI Navigator: structured toolset & guideline from use case ideation, assessment, data testing and technology scouting towards successful implementation​
  • Use Case Browsing based on best practices​
  • AI Readiness Assessments ​
  • Bilateral consulting and coaching services​
  • Consortium studies and projects​
  • Conception and realization of AI Lighthouse Projects


  • Further education in the topics around Artificial Intelligence ​
  • Expansion of capabilities through competence development ​
  • Insights into a variety of mesmerizing topics like explainable AI, edge AI, responsible AI and many more​
  • Collaboration between humans and AI and taking full advantage of the opportunities that arise from it ​
  • Putting the human at the center of Artificial Intelligence


  • Exchange with a large cross-industrial community and leading-edge research institutions as well as selected solution providers ​
  • Exclusive Tech & Innovator Tours​
  • Recruiting Support​
  • Participation in the annual global Technology & Innovation Summit​
  • Participation in various networking events

Live Application Hubs

  • Participation in consortial AI Innovation Workshops​
  • Access to profound project Idea Validations & Proof of Concepts​
  • Straightforward, customer-oriented testing of new ideas & product approaches​
  • Linking cutting-edge research projects with current customer requirements in future oriented research projects​
  • Cooperative development with industry partners to reduce model training time
Acceleration – Validation – Implementation

AI Lighthouse projects

Link leading technology approaches with current customer requirements in future oriented implementation projects.

Newcomer Professional Coach Insider

ai academy

Start your indiviual value driven learning journey through the world of artificial intelligence based on your own capabilites and study goals.

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Consortial Studies & AI Projects

projects & best practices

Use AI as a key enabler for innovation and powerful toolset that leads you to game changing processes, products and services.

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Learn from the best. Tap into an unlimited, worldwide AI community of innovators business leaders and cutting-edge research partner.

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